SEM Utility

At Yusant, we have more than eight years of experience managing and optimizing SEM - PPC campaigns (Pay per Click) in search engines, so we guarantee a better conversion for the investment made. Being certified partners of Google Adwords and YAHOO-BING Ads, the two main Internet search engines worldwide, we have a greater internal know-how of the Ads tools (we also manage paid campaigns in Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads).

Through SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, it is sought to position specific campaigns in the highlighted top, above the organic results. The effectiveness of SEM positioning, unlike SEO, is almost immediate.

SEM is very useful in the following cases

• It is looking to sell online (increase in visits and new customers).

• Carry out promotions or campaigns of short duration.

• Supply a low visibility of the web in organic positioning.

• Internationalize the website.

• Extend and / or improve your corporate image / brand.

• Pay only for customers who are interested in your services (quality customers).

• Internet advertising campaigns are more direct, profitable and measurable; reaching many more people.

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SEM Analysis and Strategy

• Analysis of the SEM competence.

• Study of users behaviors in search engines.

• Analysis of Relevant Keywords according to sector, company and client - Traffic Estimator of Google Adwords or Google Insights.

• Study for the creation of microsites landings.

• Recommendations for the optimization of conversions and the web.

Campaign Creation

• Creation of the AdWords account.

• Creation of optimized landing pages.

• Creation, monitoring and selection of optimal campaigns.

• Creation of type ads.

• Orientation of campaigns to content websites and search engines.

Launching and Campaign Optimization

• "Go life" of the campaigns - in the first results instantly.

• Optimization of campaigns to obtain a good Quality Score.

• Control and limitation of budgets - according to schedules and investment budget.

• Monitoring and optimization of Quality Ratios of the campaign.

o Optimum Investment Point (CPA), CTR, CPC.

• • Generation of new campaigns and ad groups to segment their visits to the web.

Campaign Maintenance and Reporting

• Daily review and optimization of Adwords campaigns.

• Control of the competition.

• Daily, weekly or monthly reporting of campaigns, impressions and clicks.

• • Generation of new announcements for specific campaigns.

SEM Technical Tools