In Yusant we design and develop SEO, Search Engine Optimization, techniques through a web optimization analysis (on-site and off-site) so we can create and organic positioning of the web on the first places of top tier serach engines (GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING).

Why SEO?

• Position your website in the first positions of search results.

• Greater number of visits to the website, conversion and sales.

• Better brand image.

desarrollo web

Technical optimization (on-site)

• SEO technical audit report and consulting.

• Keywords analysis and strategies.

• Study of usability and functionality in the user navigation.

• Digital environment adaptation.

• We optimize the code and reduce the load times.

• Improve the web structure.

Content optimization (on-site)

• SEO content audit report.

• We generate content with an improvement in the choice of keywords.

• Development of content according to best practices.

• Content modification: HTML, Meta Keywords, etc.

• Digital optimization (pdf, videos, images, etc.).

• Semantic web in titles (missing or empty), duplicate contents.

Audit Optimization (off-site)

• SEO authorization audit report.

• We create interesting, high quality, unique and own content that attracts attention and in linked.

• Link Building –generate quality links to the web.

• Generation of traffic through blogs and forums.

• Increase the web position in search engines –Page Rank.

RReporting and Maintenance SEO

• We offer follow-up reports during and at the end of the process with measurable results.

• We incorporate web analysis and metric tools.

SEO Technical Tools