Web Design and Development

At Yusant, we design and develop websites / mobile websites, which are not only attractive; but also keep the user's attention focused on the product or service offered by the company. For this, we make use of the latest software, database and hardware technologies.

Why do we have a web?

✓ Image on the internet = Consumer confidence.

✓ Store or Business open 365 days of the year for 24 hours a day.

✓ Attract new clients.

✓ The online market is full growth and expansion.

✓ Internacionalización de su empresa.

✓ Information of any product accessible to the client.

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Web Strategy & Design

• Design and integral develop of your Web, optimized for search engines.

• Consulting and implementation of specific improvements to the web architecture to optimized SEO and SEM.

• Domain and Accommodation selection.

• Analysis of competitors in search of improvements.

• Rational design to facilitate future improvements.

User Experience Design

• Design oriented to the optimization of usability and functionality that facilitates the navigation for users.

• Determination of style, language and accessibility.

• Content clarification for easy access.

Web Development

• Technology updated with the latest programming languages.

• Document development for future changes.

• Optimized implementation for faster browsing speed .

Web Reporting & Maintenance

• Measurement and analysis of your website.

• Maintenance and updating of both content and design.

In Yusant we carry out the Integral development of the web; as well as consulting specific improvements if they had a developed website. We also make fixed or tailored web maintenance packages adjusting to the services that your web page requires; and fixed maintenance packages.

Technical Tools

desarrollo web